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Welcome to the first blog of Scorpius IT! On a regular base, we will post blog posts. These will contain mostly some info about Scorpius IT and tips and tricks. The tips and tricks can be about computers, websites, software and so forth. In this first blog we’ll give you some info about the start of Scorpius IT and some tips and tricks for the hot summer. Thanks for reading and we hope you do enjoy it.

The start of Scorpius IT

For starters, I want to tell you how Scorpius IT got founded. It’s not like I thought I wanted to start a software company and I called it Scorpius IT. No, it took quite some time to decide whether I should start or not. Having my own company is something I dream of since I was a child. As often seen with company owners, my parents also had a company by themselves. It was a grocery store where you could buy many things like freshly baked bread. From time to time, I had the chance to help in the store or bakery. I also drew comics and sold them to friends and family. That was one of my first commercial activities as a child.

After my studies, I was thinking about a good company concept. I had some small ideas but never really did something with it. After I decided to become a developer, I saw an opportunity to start a company. Of course, it was all new to me since I was never really into computers before. I began my journey in March 2015 following a .NET developer course at the VDAB. After months of learning, I completed the course and started my first job as a developer in January 2016. Unlike my studies, I started as a COBOL developer.

COBOL code

After a couple of months, I became a .NET developer. Fantasizing about my own software company, I didn’t feel ready for it yet. After this job, I had another one as a developer and afterward back another one. That last job is still my current one. But now I felt ready for it. Having many ideas and a burning passion to become an entrepreneur, I finally took the necessary steps. It was the 29th of October 2018. Three and a half years after I started to become a developer. Besides all formalities, the most difficult was to have a name for my company. My dad’s horoscope is a scorpion. Since I look up to him, it seems perfect to me. It had to be a name easily pronounced worldwide, so what language would be a better fit for that than Latin. So Scorpius IT was born.

Logo Scorpius IT

5 tips to keep your pc cool this summer

It’s summer. We had hot days in Belgium, already. You know high temperatures aren’t suitable for a desktop or laptop, so I’m going to give you 5 tips. These tips will help you on hot summer days. Did you know that high temperatures could do real damage to your pc? The pc may fail when the temperature is too high; this is a built-in safety. Also, the HDD will suffer under the high temperature, shorten the lifespan of the HDD.

1. Make sure the PC can circulate fresh air

Do you have a desk which includes a computer cabinet that is designed to keep the PC out of sight? Watch out! The problem with such cabinets is that they prevent air from circulating. As a result, the computer keeps recycling the same air, heating it each time it passes through the case. If this keeps up, the temperature will rise to the point that components begin to fail.

2. Lower the energy used by your processor

Dive into the settings to slow down your computer’s efforts and make the processor work less hard. Go to Settings > System > Power and sleep > Additional power settings. Click Change plan settings for the energy scheme that you are currently using, and then go to Change advanced power settings.

Lower CPU energy

In this window, scroll to Processor power management and expand the menu. With Maximum processor state, you change the 100% to 80%. At the same time, also check with System cooling policy whether this is on.

3. Use SSD instead of HDD

Your computer would produce more heat if using an HDD to store the data instead of an SDD. This is because Solid-state drives, or SDD for short, don’t contain any moving parts and therefore operate at a cooler temperature than HDD do. If you are interested in more differences between HDD and SSD, check the following blog.

4. Use a cooling pad for your laptop

Put your laptop at a higher place allowing the fans to use the air to cool the laptop down. On very hot days I would recommend using a cooling pad since this will help cooling down the laptop even more. You have lots of different cooling pads. Hereunder you’ll find some of the available ones on Amazon. They vary mostly from $20 to $50.

5. Last but not least... keep your environment cool

You can tinker with your processor and other settings what you want, but that will be of little benefit if your ambient heat raises the temperature of your laptop. This can be very problematic on hot days during summer. Make sure to cool down the environment temperature using an air conditioner or external fans and never place the computer in direct sunlight.

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I hope you enjoyed this first blog post and learned something. If you want to read more blog posts in the future then definitely visit us from time to time and subscribe to our newsletter if you want to keep informed about blog posts and other news from Scorpius IT. Feel free to comment and hopefully see you next time.

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