Summer is almost over and winter is coming

Summer is almost over. I will miss the summer as most people will do, but I’m also looking forward to the winter. Yes, I’m one of those romantic souls who love the winter.


Okay, winter has a lot of downsides too, but ain’t it beautiful if there is a white blanket of snow outside. Sitting inside cozy with your family and friends with hot chocolate milk and a nice Christmas movie. It sounds like the perfect Christmas, doesn’t it?


Are you ready for the winter now? Great, me too, but let us first enjoy the last days of summer. Time goes fast already, so don’t let us go any faster.


Who of you guys went on holiday in the summer? Please let me know I’m excited to hear all of your crazy holiday stories.

Our honeymoon

My wife and I also went on holiday in the summer. We’ve returned on the 4th of September. It wasn’t just a holiday, but it was our honeymoon.


We’ve got married in March, but we postponed our honeymoon to the end of August and we are glad we did. We’ve had the nice summer weather but not loads of tourists as you would expect during the summer.


You might wonder what our romantic destination was. It was Torremolinos in Spain.


We’ve seen very beautiful things like historical buildings, animals and museums. We’ve enjoyed the local culture and the kindness of all the people we’ve met. Sometimes we just went out for a drink in one of the Irish pubs over there.


Underneath you see a picture of a statue in the Jardines Picasso in Malaga. It was a wonderful park to take a stroll and see all the beautiful art and nature.​

Picasso tribute statue
First monumental tribute in Spain to Pablo Picasso made in December 1972 by the sculptor Ramon Calderon and offered by the people of Malaga in March 1978

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